Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vacations with the Family...a little gross - u were warned vacation was fantastic - mostly. We spent a night in Delhi where I got to meet a new friend. Another girl who was crazy enough to pack up her life and move to India for love. That was great. Then we went to Fatehpur Sikri which was truly inspiring. I had no idea Akbar and his sister were both in intercultural marriages! Not sure why that seemed so out of the ordinary to me but it did. Maybe it was because there were 4 cultures between them (he had 3 wives.)

We went to the Taj Mahal where a Muslim lady complimented my new Punjabi suit and how beautiful she thought I looked in it. That made my day of course. We rode a camel cart up to the entrance and did a very little shopping. Somehow after our morning at the Taj Mahal I started getting sick. I got all kinds of grumpy while we attempted to see some old temples in Mathura. I stepped on some things there and got stuff stuck in my feet which did not make me any happier lol. When we got back to the room I tried to go to bed but hubby didn't wanna let me. (And btw, it took me 3 days to scrub the dirt color out of my feet.)

We saw the ISKON temple in Vrindivan which was extremely impressive. I found the whole trip exciting, even though I was still getting sick. This brings me to the point of my blog.

Now I tried before we left to reiterate I would not be eating at any crappy langurs and such. What I didn't think of was demanding not to eat at any nasty places. I should have worded my demands a little better. We didn't stop at any langurs, we stopped at Dhabas which in my opinion are now much worse. We stopped at the first one and I didn't want to eat but I was starving having missed breakfast to get on the road any only having one orange all day. I ordered what I thought would be the least spicy and it came out so hot I couldn't eat it. I got 3 bites of food before I couldn't take any more. Now this dhaba was indoors, not clean, and full of flies or something which kept biting my ankles until I got pissed and got up.

Next meal we stopped at another dhaba and by this time I'm getting irritated. Again, ordered food and specifically requested no masalas. Food came back spicy but not horrible and I was really really hungry by this time. I ate it and felt kinda crappy afterward. Like I had eaten too much even though I didn't. The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel which was nice. Pancakes! :) Then again we got on the road and lunch was guessed it....a roadside dhaba. I told hubby I wasn't eating there because I had repeatedly told them I was not going to be subjected to any more fly infested nasty food served by some jerk who didn't wash his hands after he used the bathroom. (No, I didn't put it that nicely and yes I believe it to be true.)

He got upset and worried and made a huge deal out of not putting any masalas in the food to the waiter. They brought me out food...again. Starting to feel like a bi**h I decided to just try it but I told him I was done. I had rather starve and next time I wouldn't eat it no matter what. After eating my tummy still didn't feel right and I noticed I couldn't eat much. I wasn't sure if it was from the sheer site of the nasty place or my mental block against nasty food. Either way, I was really starting to feel hungry and there was no safe food in sight.

So about middle of the day Saturday my tummy and my side were bothering me a lot. So much so I had trouble sitting in the car and that only made me more irritable. I kept my mouth shut as best I could and tried to just take in the sights. I saw so many sad, fascinating, and once in a lifetime things on this trip. Then we stopped at the birthplace of Krishna to see a 5000+ year old temple. We had to leave our shoes in the car and walk into this place. I stepped on something, and the dirt felt gross stuck to my feet as they burned on the marble walkway. It was more than I could hold back lol. I got super cranky.

After that we went to another temple which required a walk up the road to get to. I was limping and fussing. I tried to stay in the car (yes, I was acting a bit childish but I was pissed.) I had to get out though because hubby refused to see it without me. I can't ruin his vacation because I'm not a good sick person. We went up and it was impressive, but there were too many steps. And I did stop on the way to pull that thing out of my foot. Yay! Dirt in an open wound.

Sunday I barely ate again. I just wasn't hungry. Part of which was mental. I will say though we didn't hit any more dhabas after how I acted on Saturday lol. We did a little shopping while on the trip home and such but I wasn't having any fun. My tummy felt hard and I was extremely swollen in my abdomen, feet, and legs and my right arm was hurting for no reason. We finally got home and I fell carrying a few small bags from the car to the house. It was as if my leg didn't exist under me when I took the step and I went down. That was embarrassing as there were many neighbors looking.

I went to bed early and hubby was tired too. The whole family went to bed early and the men all took the day off to rest. Everyone was tired. But I was more than tired. I was really sick. I started throwing up Monday afternoon, my tummy still hard and bloated. I threw up so hard I cried from the pain. I felt the full force through my abdomen, shoulders, hips and legs and it didn't get better when I stopped throwing up. I felt a little better afterward though and finally fell asleep around 11 pm. Everything happened too late at night to catch the doctor while in his office.

I woke up again at 2 am and this time threw up green stomach acid. It hurt to throw it up too but thankfully not as bad. It was just scary seeing what was coming out of my body. There were more symptoms going on but to spare you, I won't discuss them here. By this time I hadn't had food in my stomach since Monday morning and I was getting really weak as well. I wasn't sure my legs could hold me when I walked. Everyone else was recovering except hubby who was having dizzy spells.

Tuesday we caught the doctor in his office and he said I had an infection and started a course of antibiotics and gave me a shot. Thank God I took the shot. I felt so much better in a short period of time and I was able to eat again. Then I woke up this morning only to find there is a dangerous amount of blood in my urine. Now I'm freaking out. I'm not dehydrated. The one thing I kept doing on this trip was drinking water to curb the hunger and I'm still drinking it. The meds the dr. gave me are knocking me out a lot and I haven't left the bed all day except for necessities. I'm only eating fresh fruit because he told me stay away from all bread and milk products. This is horrible.

Overall I had a great vacation. All but our incompetent driver and the dhabas. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the sights and things we saw. I don't enjoy the sickness I brought back with me though. I'm just amazed that with his parents, his aunt and us all piled in a car for the better part of 4 days there was no tension. The trip was really good - my outbreak excluded. It was nice seeing his parents excited as well. I had a lot of fun.

Now for my warning! NEVER EAT AT A ROADSIDE DHABA! Even if your hunny bunny is worried sick because you're not eating, don't eat there. Starve first! These places are nasty through and through. Most have dirt floors, don't clean the tables well - I won't even mention the bathrooms - and who knows what that cook is doing behind that ledge they put up. Food sits out in the weather covered only by a plate and you never know what kind of germs and bacteria are waiting to kill you. At one dhaba we stopped at one of the workers was even walking around in his underwear because he had just gotten out of the shower. Now this was outdoors in plain view of traffic on a busy road. So that was my first indication that this was not a good place to eat. There I only had one bite of food and some coke.


  1. Oh my gosh! Bless you and your ability to make it through your vacation! How horrible, to be so sick like that! :(
    Glad to see that you still enjoyed yourself though… you handled it better than I could have ever! While on my short visit to India I was overly aware of eating outside the house…. and I thought maybe too aware, until I read this! I was even nervous about having chai when MIL and I dropped off my wedding invites at their friend's houses. I was super nervous to get sick… and ruin my short trip. Next trip I'll let my guard down (a little) but I'll be sure to stay away from the food stalls where the cook is in his undies! LOL

  2. Hahaha, yeah I started off overly aware of everything. I've been sick for almost 3 months but not like this. This has happened twice now but this time I'm sure it came from the roadside dhabas. Thankfully it didn't get bad until after we got home. I know part of my problem was growing up in a Martha Stewart type household where everything was pristine and I continued that until I moved here. Now there is so much dirt it's overwhelming and I don't think it would matter if I started because it would take years to clean lol. I just know better than to eat at another roadside dhaba. My new motto, if they haven't (or can't) cleaned the floor, I'm not eating there.

    I haven't had any trouble eating at restaurants like Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and even the Indian ones that are more middle to upscale. I've at at people's houses (never drink the water) without any issues also. Also, I would be a little weary of anything with fresh, uncooked milk in it since the majority here don't process it and it comes straight from the cow - literally.