Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update on Health Issues

I finally got all my lab tests back to figure out what was making me so sick. I've now been on medicine and painkillers for 3 days. I'm very happy to report that today I feel ok, not depressed, not too heated, and I think the worst of this battle is over. I have to take meds for 3 more days to finish this up but since they are actually working I'm okay with that.

I tell hubby all the time that I've taken more meds in these last 3 months than I did in my entire life in the US. I avidly avoid doctors because IMO they suck. I have a an auto-immune thyroid disorder that basically mimics every disease known to man from time to time and doctors only tend to run me through the ringer to find out nothing is actually wrong so in my case they are a waste of money.

I'm not crazy about the doctor here either - and I see the best one in town. Nonetheless he prescribes me ayurvedic medicines which won't complicate my thyroid any further and that don't interact with my daily meds. This time when I first went to see him he told hubby that there was nothing wrong with me. I adamantly disagreed and he ordered blood and urine tests.

Turns out I was right lol, he even had to order a second set. As it turns out my PH is twice as acidic as it should be and I had a blood infection and UTI. Antibiotics are clearing that right up. I'm also eating an all raw food diet to help alkalize my body because the antibiotics apparently make me acidic. It's quite fascinating to learn about all these things. I'm really into natural health. I'm really glad the worst of this is over because I'm ready to start enjoying life again lol.


  1. Glad to know you've figured out what is wrong! Hopefully now you'll start to feel better! Since I met my husband I have tried to switch to more Ayurvedic remedies as well. We both drink turmeric milk, I use turmeric and yogurt for facials, and I have started taking fenugreek seeds to help keep my blood sugar down. I am amazed at the results… if only I knew of them sooner!

  2. Dear Bhabi
    I have been reading every post of your blog and I must say that the way you express you experiences, fears and deepest emotions are just WONDERFUL! You are brave enough to publish them in english...I hope in short you don't have hordes of angry indians blaming on your thoughts LOL...Im a Venezuelan expat wife living in Gujarat since almost 3 yrs ago...although Im not married to an indian fellow, as well as you I have experienced all the cultural shock you are going through story is quite funny...I started a blog 3 yrs ago just for fun Due to the lack of quality information about indian culture and indian people in spanish my blog became sort of "successful" . One day I published a post about the indian personality and suddenly my email inbox was cluttered of emails of spanish speaking ladies in an online relationship with an indian boy...questions were about values and I decided to make some research about this topic and started reading excellent books about the matter from renowned indian scholars and psychologists...and many people got their answers...on the other side surprisingly latinoamerican ladies married to indians have contacted me too and that have been very nice...I have learned from their experiences too...if you don't mind I would like to contact you to share this information so you can publish it on your blog and help more people (in english LOL)
    My email is and my name is Lorena
    Pls keep an eye on your digestive troubles...and looking forward to contact you!

  3. Thanks Lorena, I would love to publish some information for you. I open up here because it's safe for me. My new family has no chance of finding this blog and my biological family wouldn't either. I keep this completely separate from everything they are involved in. This is my outlet to say what I want. I do still try to keep some of my drama out though because, as with any human, some things are better left unsaid because they are not meant. I too am prone to childish fits of anger of things that really aren't that big of a deal. ;)

  4. Andrea, that's great! I'm working on switching over completely to ayurvedic medicines as well. They amaze me. One dose and I'm 10 times better. I never had such success with anything pharmaceutical (well except the Loritab they gave me for migraines lol....not many ppl won't find that stuff effective!)

  5. Indians are used to drinking contaminated water. Their system has become immune. Your immune system is not as strong so you are vulnerable to diseases. Avoid eating or drinking from outside. Carry boiled water from home.

    Your body is also not used to digesting heavy indian food. Even common indians get diarrhoea when they move to other states and consume the local cuisine. I ate tamarind sambhar for 5 days in tirupathi and got severely sick and had to be admitted to hospital upon arriving back to mumbai.