Thursday, April 21, 2011

FRRO - Round 1

I'm becoming hip to the Indian ways real quick. So this morning when I went to the FRRO office to get my visa converted from a tourist to an entry visa so I can continue to stay here I purposely left my enthusiasm at home. It's a good thing too because then I wasn't disappointed when we got to the local office and they told us we had to go to Delhi. Now, I understand this FRRO is fairly new here but why does it seem they take jobs they don't know how or don't wish to do.

They are really friendly when they tell you go somewhere else at least. There were 4 men in one office sharing 2 desks. There were no other cars around or ppl there other than the uniformed security/police ppl that made sure we signed in before going to the office. None of them were working. All of them were just sitting around talking.

It's all good though. On my recent vacation I found this awesome hotel in Delhi that sits directly across from a big bazaar. So guess who's going shopping!! Yeah ok, that's probably the easiest guess you ever had to make lol. I didn't have time on our way through Delhi before as we got in late and left early. I won't make the same mistake twice.

For those of you who haven't already found information on the FRRO, it's the Foreigners Regional Registration Office. The "Regional" was added recently when they split it up and made offices in the major cities for convenience. Everyone used to have to travel to Delhi and the other few locations across the country.

I got a good list of what we needed for registration - which I had everything with me already except the police report that comes after we request the change. It's kind of funny, I had told hubby that we needed the application to be picked up first and then we filled it out, got the documents and took it back. Today that's all we got done is picking up the application. I'm not saying I'm a genius lol, but I knew we weren't going to get anything accomplished today. I can see the least when it comes to dealing with anyone who has to do paperwork in India. ;)

So now I just have to make plans for my trip to Delhi. This time thankfully they won't be last minute. I'm not waiting till we get to Delhi to see how it goes.

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