Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally...Vacation time!

All the drama is done thankfully. After multiple arguments and proclamations of "I'm not going" or "the trip is canceled" we finally have plans set in stone. This is going to be a refreshing vacation with American style traveling, American amenities, and some old world Indian landmarks.

Chachi, the biggest drama queen, isn't going. One of the kids has exams he says. Fine by me. Of course I really think he just wants everyone to pitch a fit but he backed himself in a corner. All the rooms are booked and considering the trouble we had finding rooms I don't think he would get one last minute. He had Papa Ji and Didi fussing about how he wasn't going and he should go or at least let some of the kids go. It was a mess.

I'm looking forward to the hot showers, a much needed change from the bucket/basin baths I've been taking and the relaxation. It's not stressful living here, but having constantly to be adapting to these new living circumstances without any real break is going to be just the breath of fresh air I need. Now my blog afterwards may reflect differently, but I'm willing to give this a shot lol.


  1. Have a great time, when the summer truly hits you will have zero interest in hot showers!!
    I hope you guys have AC!!


  2. I already don't have a real interest in them. The main thing I wanted is the shower, not the bucket. I barely turned on the hot water at the motel room but still the shower itself was such a luxury.

    We are getting AC installed soon. You know how everything runs in Indian timing here. We've been talking about it for 2 months already.