Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!...India Style

Today is April Fools day and I am assuming it is a fun holiday all over the world. I always loved a good, simple, harmless prank. Now that I'm in India it's no different. Only, here the pranks are quite different from what I'm seeing. And on a good note, it appears to be a good holiday for my nephew to start talking to me again...or maybe he's only talking to me because his dad's not home. We shall see.

First thing this morning he started thinking of pranks. He already told me about the one he did last year. He put a 500 INR note on the bed and when the relatives saw it they all started claiming it. One said that it was his and he remembered losing it a while back. The other said they had just laid it there. The whole story sounded hilarious.

Then hubby's brother called. This one was priceless. Hubby's brother is older than him and currently lives abroad and is saving up money for a life he intends to start someday. So when he called the nephew got the idea to tell him he had to get married, I added on with saying we already have a wife picked out and then the nephew and I came up with a name for her, Ms. Poonam Mehra. They told him what she looked like, the date of the wedding and everything. My nephew told him she had pimples and her teeth stuck out in the front - that was too funny.

Hubby's mother and aunt were telling him all of this and really had him going. He's been avoiding marriage so hard too and he gets really mad when they bring it up. So the three of them had him going on the phone and kept passing the phone around to tell him more about his new wife. My nephew said he was so mad and swore he wasn't coming that they would have to perform the marriage without him.

Finally he sent them back a doozy...he told them he was already married. Lol, of course he didn't have enough time to prepare so he didn't say much about this marriage or his wife lol. They told him go ahead and bring his wife home they needed to meet her and then he inquired what would happen to Ms. Poonam Mehra lol. It was all too funny. The conversation went on for almost an hour!! (It's an international phone call.)

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