Wednesday, March 16, 2011

White Girls can't make Rotis!?!

So today marks exactly two months since I moved to India. So far I haven't had anything serious go wrong but I have had enough minor annoyances with my body going through changes to make me crazy. I had some minor infections, a case of Delhi belly, and now I'm going through hormonal changes that are making me even crazier. I've had dead skin stick to my body to the point I have to scrub it off with a brush (otherwise I turn black literally), I'm having skin discolorations, and I'm nauseous every morning and all throughout the day. On a good note, I've always burned in less than 15 minutes of sun exposure and that isn't happening here. I'm not tanning, but I don't seem to burn either. Thank God for that!

Lately I've been in a cooking mood. With all those other minor annoyances I am simply in no mood to tolerate all the oil and ghee that goes into Indian cooking. My poor husband doesn't understand why I think the food is greasy either lol. That's another story. So I've been cooking some Mexican lately and some American dishes, and some of my own creations. It's all gone over very well.

Now despite having practiced before I came here I can't for the life of me seem to get the roti's right lol. It's not that complicated, I mean seriously - mix, roll, tava. I just can't seem to get them round which is not a huge issue. Then they stick to the marble rolling round and the wooden rolling pin. Adding flour does not seem to help. Then when I cook them they are either still dusty white or burned. Argh! Lol. I can't help but laugh. Of course, I have my trusty 12 year old sous chef who gives me all sorts of tips and keeps me company. She's a big help. But of course she's Indian, so she's exempt from the usual white girl issue lol.

Night before last I turned my ugly roti's into quesadillas. They were good too. I had red, yellow, and green peppers (known as capsicum here) and onions with cheese. Then last night I hid the ugly roti's beneath some white enchilada sauce. Those were absolutely fabulous. And no one knew the roti's were messed up. Of course I can't hide them forever. And there is only so much Mexican a person can tolerate lol. Thank God they asked for lasagna this weekend!

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