Saturday, March 12, 2011

Victory at Last! Or...What a Hindi, Sikh and Christian can do When Working Together

It took me a little while to update my blog but after 8 trips to the Punjab Court house we finally got our marriage registered! The reader had told us not to come that day but we were tired of the run around, Jagdeep was getting irritated as well and so we went. Jagdeep stood over him like he was American himself. He made sure the guy knew he wasn't leaving.

Then when I walked in an older man who works at the court house recognized me and got after the reader. He told him that he should let our work be done because it had been going on too long. The reader tried to tell him that we were not the same couple but he still did our work. I'm sure he was just as tired of seeing us as we were of seeing him. I almost cried I was so happy to finally be done with it all.

Afterwards we took Jagdeep to McDonald's because that's where he wanted to celebrate. It was our way of doing something nice for him for all the running around he had done for us. Not sure if I've already said it or not but the McDonald's in India sucks just as much as the McDonald's in America. The food is greasy, almost tasteless and just not good at all. But it was food.

We also intended on accompanying Jagdeep to the Gurdwara afterwards so I had to go veg. That means I got the veg burger and fries. The gurdwara was nice. It was a busy place for early in the evening. While there we stood on each side of a central unit that housed some holy books. I didn't speak enough Punjabi to ask Jagdeep what they were and hubby didn't know. Somehow every time I pray at one of these places I feel God's presence. I'm sure it has something to do with that Bible verse that says where two are gathered in his name he is there. These people truly believe and have faith. There's no doubt God would be there. No matter what your religion, you can't deny when you feel things like that.

When we got home I added the registration to my file of documents and then relaxed and just enjoyed my evening. What a relief!

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