Sunday, March 27, 2011

Used Food and getting shunned in India

As I mentioned in a previous blog, no good deed goes unpunished. However for some reason my stubborn self is still out there trying to be nice. Now I've created an episode that has lasted 4 days with no end in sight. It all started like this.

Both kids (ages 12 and 14) had been asking me to make pizza in the toaster oven I bought. I've looked everywhere for yeast to make my pizza bread but I haven't been successful. It's been on my mind and my grocery list for a few weeks now. Then 4 days ago hubby and I were out shopping. He decided he wanted real pizza because he had never had that before so we went to Pizza Hut.

Hubby ordered hot wings, which by the way are nothing like American hot wings - they were not in BBQ sauce and were pretty good. Then he decided I should order the pizza because I knew more about pizza. So I picked a cheesy bites chicken sausage pizza. Once we ordered I told him the kids had been asking about pizza and we should pack some for them. So we had the waiter pack up half the pizza.

When we arrived home I gave the pizza to chachi and told her it was for the kids. Hubby and I then retired upstairs to relax and unwind and take care of nightly tasks. A few moments later hubby decided he needed something from the kitchen and went back downstairs. He came back and said that his uncle had gotten pissed about the pizza and said we shouldn't serve them used food and how that showed what we thought of them. They sent the pizza back. But not without taking a slice first.

Hubby came upstairs and told me what they said and he was pissed. He told me we weren't going to do anything else for them. They had just gotten pissed about the Blackberry hubby's brother gave them a couple weeks ago because it wasn't what he wanted. He refused to use the phone but hid it so no one else could either. (Yes his brother was pissed.) Whatever he said got hubbys' parents pissed off too.

Then the next day I noticed neither of the kids would speak to me. I thought maybe it was because they were busy and didn't pay too much attention. The second day I noticed when the niece saw me she held her hand low by her side and waved slightly. That struck me as really odd. Then I started noticing that when we were in the room they would leave or not enter at all. I said something to hubby and he just said let them be that way if they wanna be like that.

However I feel the tension this is causing makes me not want to be here. I'm not used to childish stupidity like this. Even kids in America don't act like this. Now my niece doesn't even want to feed the birds with me. And this morning when I went down for my shower I said good morning to his aunts (another aunt is visiting with her kids) and neither one of them would speak back to me. They spoke to each other and laughed about me saying good morning. Then chachi left and the other aunt went back to reading her paper.

At this point I'm done. I want to say some really ugly words right now lol. I'm trying to be good though. I'm just tired of the tension over a nice gesture. The nicest thing I can say is uncle is just too smart for his own good!

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