Friday, March 4, 2011

Punjab Court System Round 5 and 6 & the death of my good mood

As I mentioned in my last post, a very important registered letter was opened before the court had the chance to see it. That was apparently a misunderstanding and the envelope wasn't opened at all. Regardless, everyone here now will be sure not to open any of my mail lol.

So yesterday was Thursday and to start things off Jagdeep didn't want to get up and running too early in the morning. Not a huge deal since nothing here gets done in any semblance of a hurry. He did finally get up and go to the court house. Even though he said hubby did not need to go with him, hubby couldn't stand it and he went. He took the lady with him that he had told us about and the reader got very upset but told them he couldn't say no to the lady so he would make sure our file got taken care of. After lots of running around and coming back at 3 pm which they love to tell us it still did not get done. One of them even had the audacity to try and tell him that I had to be converted to Hindu at least 10 years before I could get married under the Hindu marriage act.

So first thing this morning, Friday, Jagdeep again went to the court. They pulled every trick they could and it is now 4:49 pm and the courts close at 5 and they just told him they now need all the affidavits retyped as there is key information missing. So hubby left, without me, to go and get all these affidavits redone. I'm not sure how I'm going to sign something if I'm not there but he assures me that Monday I will sign them and we will go back to the court. At this point I'm just not hopeful.

I was having such a good day to start off with. Today I had Yahoo! accept my first article for publishing. I also got approved as a writer for a national magazine. I was so excited and hyper and I really wanted to go out and buy hubby a new phone. His is in such bad shape and it barely even works anymore. We were supposed to be meeting Jagdeep at the courthouse at 3pm so we got ready and ever since I have been sitting on his mom's bed waiting till Jagdeep said the court was ready for us to sign the papers. So when hubby left alone it was definitely disappointing and a mood killer.

Hubby says we are going out when he gets home but I seriously doubt that. His parents don't like him going out at night and I'm not a big fan of going out at night either. It's colder and a lot more dirt flying in the air and all the idiots are out at night. Not to mention all the drunks who think it's okay to drive after a pint or two. I don't even feel like going out anymore. Hubby is pretty adamant he doesn't want me wasting my money on a phone for him anyway. All I feel like doing is getting in my pjs and crawling back in bed.

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