Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picky Pigeons Don't Eat Ritz

Lately I've been feeding the pigeons with my new nice in the evenings after I get tired of writing articles. We sometimes give them rice, even though I know it's bad. I tried to tell my niece but the same pigeons keep coming back so I guess maybe the rice issue is only for smaller birds.

We have named one of the pigeons Buster and you may think that it would be impossible to identify one single pigeon. After all, they all look alike right? Not really lol. As I'm learning more and more about life and the things I missed for the last 30+ years I'm understanding that nothing in this world really looks just like anything else. They may be strikingly similar, but all of God's creations are truly unique.

Now, Buster, he's a unique little character all by himself. I have watched him repeatedly chase away all the other pigeons, even after he is done eating. There are three ledges on which we spread food and he keeps all three clear and guarded until he gets tired of chasing off the other birds. He's a little bigger than the other pigeons too. And just today my niece noticed he has a white spot on his head.

None of the other pigeons mess with anyone. They all eat happily in groups, alone, however they happen to wind up near the food. At least until Buster arrives. Then they all scatter. But not today. Today Buster got in two fights with other pigeons who refused to move. We really thought it was gonna get ugly until the other pigeon finally flew off and Buster again perched waiting for someone to come near the food.

Of course, as the feeding started we were out of rice and there were no leftover rotis to serve. So I tried crushing up some crackers similar to American Ritz. The pigeons looked at them and stepped on them and went back and forth from that ledge to another. They seemed scared to eat them. Eventually one of them tried the crackers and apparently didn't like them and flew off.

Then chachi  made a roti for us to feed the birds. They were all too happy and Buster again started his rough housing routine. It's just funny to see that even in pigeon land, there is always an alpha male.

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