Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Perils of Hiring an Incompetent Suit Maker

I didn't hire her. We had a really good suit maker who made me Punjabi suits for 2 years. I was still in the US but never received a suit that didn't fit. Of course, my in-laws thought they were too low cut because they could see cleavage sometimes. Truth is I just always wore a good bra and contrary to most women my age my girlies have not headed south. I'm also well endowed which I rather enjoy being lol.

Anyway they got a new suit lady. She made my wedding suit and even though I thought the top was a little too long and the suit was a little too baggy I figured that was the style they asked for. No biggie, it looked great and was super comfy for a long set of ceremonies. I didn't complain.

Then I got a suit gifted from my aunt which she insisted she could never make to fit me because of the style. They took it somewhere else and low and behold the suit fit perfect. So I went shopping and they went shopping for me and I wound up with 4 more suits. We sent one, the mint green one, to the new lady.

It took almost 2 weeks to get it back because she had company come in. Ok fine. I'm a little impatient but whatever, this is life in India anyway. Nothing comes in normal timing. But then when I got it back I almost cried. The pants were hideously huge in the legs and hips, though they fit in the waist. It even looked odd the legs were so much bigger than the waist. And just to give you an idea I get all my suits made with elastic at the back and straight across the front. This suit was supposed to have straight legs with a slight flare at the bottom. We gave her a pair of pants exactly how I wanted the new ones that fit me perfectly. The top to this suit was also misshaped and didn't fit properly. I looked like a little old lady in it. So we sent it back, along with 3 more suits. (This in addition to a full suit that I already owned from the old lady that fit me perfect.)

It's now been over 3 weeks since that and we just got back all 4 suits today. NONE of them fit nor were they made as asked. I gave her pictures of what I wanted and she still messed it up! OMG! I can't pull the shirts down over my girlies because they were too tight. The mint green pants now have one leg shorter than the other. And again, the purple suit's pants were hideously huge. To top it all off she made all 4 pair of pants too big in the waist! I never seen someone mess up an order so bad!

Oh, but you will all be pleased to know that the necklines are high enough. I guess. Since my arms barely fit through the arm holes and I couldn't pull them all they way down they looked like they fit right. I know the mint green suit was ok, even though it looked like something my grandma would wear. It was supposed to have a wide square neckline and she made it narrow...I really don't like this lady, she's killing my wardrobe.


  1. Aw, how come she can still keep her job? I mean, don't you think she should have been forced to file for bankruptcy early?

    I had similar experience. A beautiful photo always just get revised, and an ugly one, when sewn. That caused my preference of going for ready made.

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  2. I have no idea how this woman keeps her job lol. Do they have bankruptcy in India? I doubt she would need it. There are so many ppl here that someone would still continue to hire her. I would be happy to help with the interview!

  3. I wonder if we had the same tailor in Amritsar.... :P