Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I've heard that phrase all too many times in my life and never really heeded it's warning. Many times I've done good deeds only to be left feeling let down later for various reasons. This time is no different. I'm a little irritated and feeling childish about it at the moment so what better place to vent than an anonymous blog right? Lol.

So I've tried to be nice since I've been here. I really was open to all the possibilities and trying new things. I was excited by it all. So if someone in the house offered me something to eat I tried it. A few times hubby would tell me he liked something then I tasted it and it was awful but I tried to eat it anyway out of respect for the person who prepared it. Then I would find out he didn't like it and had just tricked me. (No..I didn't let things like that slide lol.)

Now, not to be mean but out of pure sickness I didn't eat a few times. I couldn't because I was too sick or too tired and I just avoided the meal by not going down. That didn't happen too often though because even I know whether you like food or not, you have to keep your strength up especially when you are sick. When I had the tongue infection, most days food didn't taste right at all anyway so I figured I would have to suck it up then especially.

Then after I got settled in good I started doing some cooking, as mentioned a few blogs ago. Hubby's dad has loved most of the things I cooked but a couple of times I could tell he only ate it out of respect, the same respect I was giving to others. His mom has done the same once or twice but most often just didn't eat my food. She didn't even try it sometimes. (Like today which I will get to.)

Hubby even did the same thing a time or two. He would just avoid my food by saying he wasn't hungry then he would go out and get food. Other times I've suggested I cook something and he would act like he didn't hear me and talk about going out for food. Now, that's how he is lol, so even though it bugs me I can't fuss but so much because I knew that before I married him.

The other day I remarked how I had left food for his mom several times when I cooked lunch but she never ate it. He assured me it was because she didn't know it was for her and I should serve it to her next time. So today I did just that. It was a fairly new recipe I had just discovered last week and it was really savory and fresh. (It's vegan btw.) So when it got done today I took her a bowl first then prepared my bowl.

When I was cleaning up some things after making my bowl I noticed she had not touched her bowl. She hadn't even tasted it, all she had done was sit the bowl down on the bed. I let it go thinking maybe she was letting it cool. I got my bowl and went up to my room so I could work. A few moments later hubby's nephew came up and asked me if I had given her the food and I said yes. He laughed and told me she didn't like that stuff and I shouldn't have given it to her because she tried to give it to him to eat.

She hadn't even tasted it! I was right. She just didn't want to taste it. He doesn't eat it. He's a kid and kids are always picky so that I can get over. I just feel it was very disrespectful for her to not even try the food when I'm expected to take any and all food that is shoved in my face whether I'm hungry or not. And that happens often. I will fix lunch and before I can get done eating someone is bringing me food or insisting I let them go buy me food, etc.

I was feeling a little bad because a couple of times I threw the food away when no one was looking because it was so bad but not anymore. At least I didn't openly disrespect anyone. I keep telling hubby that I don't believe in double standards. I hope he listened. I will no longer eat anything that is shoved in my face that I don't like regardless of who gets offended. The standard has been set now. I may be aggravated but I'm also relieved now. There is no more pressure to eat foods I don't like. And believe me I'm going through a phase right now where my attitude is not so good toward Indian food, even the ones I like lol. But that's another topic entirely.

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