Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's now day 7 of being shunned by chacha. It's gotten even more ridiculous. Tonight after going out for dinner I went and sat in my in-laws room for a few minute. As I walked in, my niece got up and walked out and did not come back. That just pisses me off. How ridiculous is this going to get.

Then I find out that this man may be adding himself to my upcoming honeymoon in which the parents are already going. We waited to take this vacation so I could pay for my own motel room because as a control freak I refuse to stay in a roach motel with dirty sheets and a community bathroom. So I put it off. His parents got freaked out he was going alone, which they do over everything so I invited them. I don't mind his parents and it will be good to have a woman to shop with. ;)

So we are planning to go soon. How dare this man think he deserves to pile his arrogant butt in a car just because someone else is paying and invite himself after how he's acting. And since he's thinking about going he should at least be a little nicer but he's not. So I put my foot down. I made my list of demands and I will stick to them. (Oh, and btw this is a man who will take you on vacation with him and brag about how good he is to you because he took you to a free langur and found accomodations for you at a free place - meaning you sleep there for free.) I refuse to eat langur, I refuse to stay at some free place and I will have my own room with my hubby that has a hot water American style shower. End of discussion.

Of course, in reality he probably won't go because that's how he does. I will keep you updated.

**Update** So maybe I posted a little too soon. Another drama ensued last night (not about me so I don't know and don't care about the details lol) and all I know is that chacha decided not to go and Papa Ji now says he's not going either. Works for me. We have full permission to go wherever alone. Of course his mom is upset because she really wanted to go. So we shall see how this all works out in the future.

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