Friday, February 18, 2011

The Reception...more wedding ceremonies...yay!

On January 30th we started the festivities for the reception and again guests started arriving. All but Didi who had stayed since arriving for the wedding. I just love her. She has a new nickname, Dr. Didi, because she was giving me throat and face massages so my throat could get better. She also made special food for me and she spent more time with me than anyone else...including hubby lol.

The older men were all downstairs drinking and the women were cooking and talking and preparing their things for the reception. There really was a lot of work going on and I couldn't be more thankful that I did not have to take care of it. The last of the reception invitations were distributed that evening and treats were being passed out around the neighborhood. It was quite an experience and finally I was feeling somewhat better. Enough so that I wasn't scared to wear the body shaper lol.

The reception took place on the 31st and the girls who did my mehendi came to my hotel room to do my hair, make up, and dress me. I had purchased a beautiful purple lehenga cum sari to wear and I was so excited. They put on make up much darker than I was used to and hubby was fussing but in the end he actually liked it. They put some curls in my hair and fixed up my dress in a fashion that really showed off the beadwork and intricate designs on the piece. I was ready in plenty of time and hubby ordered food for us to eat.

In true Indian timing we left left over an hour late for the reception time mentioned on the invitation cards. Our car didn't come for us until then. So we just sat in the room bored, nervous, and excited. When we arrived at the reception hall I was rushed to a room out of sight as everyone was already staring. I don't think many of the guests actually knew I was white until they saw me lol. The family started coming in and checking in on me. Then the photographer took so many photos. Finally it was time and they paraded hubby and I to across the parking lot and through the back door and then to the stage at the front of the reception hall so everyone could see us enter. I couldn't see a thing since the camera light was right in my face leading the way but I felt like a celebrity walking down the red carpet.

The sat us on stage and the paise varnah started. That's where all your friends and family come up to the stage and circle your head with money before giving it to you for blessings. Some of them throw small amounts of money on the floor for the poor, depending on their level of happiness. So many people came up and blessed us. Quite a few took pictures of us, people I had never even seen before were taking my picture, which bothered me a little. During the reception hubby and I danced together with the family, his dad had to dance, and then we had to dance separately. I faked knowing what I was doing dancing ghidda and I think it actually went okay. I didn't feel overly embarrassed at least. We also fed each other cake and members of the family fed us cake and then the family all sat down for a meal together. Then it was over and we went home and settled in for the night.

Hubby and his cousin slept on our bedroom floor and I shared a bed with two of the girls. I was so tired and it was already after midnight. Still I couldn't fall asleep until I heard hubby and his cousin snoring.

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