Monday, February 28, 2011

Punjab Court System Round 4

Today is Monday and that means another trip to the court to try to get our marriage registered. We ran into the lawyer assisting the UK couple and found out he was their to pick up their marriage registration. He informed us he had bribed the court later that day. That kind of pissed me off but I can't say I was unaware of this kind of behavior.

So we arrived at 9:30 and I was thinking that we were going to be there when she got there. That is when hubby informed me that no, the court opens at 8, so my previous post about her working half an hour was misinformation. So I stand corrected. Anyway, the Telsidhar, that's what she is actually called here and is also not an actual judge, was not in. The reader kicked us out of the courtroom and would not even let us sit in the waiting area.

Papa ji called in two friends and hubby called in a friend as well. Papa ji and his two friends were running all over the place trying to get things done while hubby and I sat just outside the courtroom and waited. Hubby was making phone calls, his dad was running and running. Occasionally he stopped by to update us. Two hours later Papa ji had gotten upset and went and filed a complaint with the district commissioner. That is when I found out that the reader had asked him for a 20,000 INR bribe! Needless to say the reader was upset when the commissioner showed up and inquired about the bribe. The reader again kicked us out of the courtroom.

Three full hours later we find out the telsidhar had left for the day and had been gone since before we got there at 9:30. So I was at least partially right, she barely works. The reader refused to allow us back into the courtroom. So we went to an advocate. After fooling with our papers all day that guy had the audacity to request a 25,000 INR bribe and we promptly went and picked up our file from his office and told him where he could shove it.

Hubby was so stressed by this time he could barely breathe. I guess suddenly it dawned on him to call his friend Jagdeep who knows everything and everybody. Jagdeep eased his mind when he told him that he knew someone personally who was above that telsidhar and would gladly go with Jagdeep, hubby and I to the court this coming Thursday to ensure the matter is dealt with bribe free. Thank God for Jagdeep! I would say I feel sorry for what the reader will no doubt endure from his superior but I do not. After all his blatant discrimination based on the fact that I am American should not go unpunished. Discrimination has no place in the court system of any country. If he cannot do his job without bias, he simply does not deserve to have it.

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