Wednesday, February 16, 2011

India...the journey continues!

I've now been living in India just over a month and things are going about 50/50. Let me backtrack and update you all on my journey. There is so much to write!

Just before I left I had a mini meltdown lol. Not surprising as my fuse was shorter than the bomb that was about to go off. I really was dealing with too much and living with my mom and the foster kids was more than I could deal with. It's quite torturous to have to live in the same house with strangers who are treated better than family. Then Air India kept bumping my flight from Delhi to Amritsar back and the day before I left they had me spending a whole day alone in Indira Ghandi Airport! I couldn't take it, after all that's the most dangerous city in India and I was an American traveling alone with extremely limited Hindi skills. So I begged hubby to meet me in Delhi so I didn't have to go through that and he came running to my side. He's amazing!

I met an interesting woman on the plane. As it turns out she's very well respected here and was even someone important for the Commonwealth games. She's a university professor and travels back and forth to America, though she didn't say why. We talked and watched movies together on the plane and she helped me find my way around Indira Ghandi Airport and get my luggage then get out to see my baby waiting for me. She was a nice woman, not catty like most women, but then she was older so I'm sure she was well past the drama phase and she didn't ask me too many personal questions which just made me like her more. I kept both her business cards and will keep in touch.

Hubby and I spent the night in Delhi then took a train home. Papa ji was waiting for us when we got off the train and much to my surprise he hugged me! Last time I was here he avoided that and was a little scared of me so this was nice and very unexpected! He and hubby took over most of my 93KG of luggage and we made our way to the car and then went home. Home, a word I wasn't use to saying about this place but that felt so nice after the last several months of my life. When I got home mummy ji was waiting with open arms as well and everyone was happy to see me. I was just thankful I did not have to carry all that luggage up to the third floor! I was so tired after traveling for 3 days that I just wanted to go rest and go to bed. Of course the excitement was too much and I wound up unpacking, giving gifts, eating (of course) and sitting with the family for a while.

I wound up resting a lot over the next few days. I was suffering from jet lag pretty bad and having some major circulation issues, especially in my right leg. I spent most of my time resting and unpacking for the first few days. The family was busy spoiling me rotten and my every need was being tended to as if I was some kind of God. I know that it's their custom to treat guests this way and I really appreciated it because I needed a little positive attention.

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