Sunday, February 20, 2011

Delhi Belly....why do you haunt me!

My digestive troubles continue. What started out as something I contracted on the plane just kept going. I got to a point that I couldn't eat anything. Even a plain fried potato sandwich burned my lips and my tongue. I kept getting weak and though my circulation had significantly improved I was still having some trouble with it. Finally I asked hubby to take me back to the doctor when the back of my head went numb after I laid down on it for a few minutes. Turns out I had gotten a tongue infection and 3 days worth of medicine thankfully cleared that up.

I've had some moderate trouble adjusting and detoxing. I know my life's diet was not good even though I had been making great strides for years to become healthier. Detoxing is no pretty site and it is definitely no fun but I know I needed it. I took a lot of medicine to combat all the other symptoms, especially the Delhi belly, and things were slowly getting better. I even spent a full week in the bed, not leaving the house and just resting all day long. But finally, Thursday I felt well enough to go out and I have been eating like crazy to make up for all those lost meals. I love food, so not being able to eat was mentally painful to me.

Hubby took me shopping to the Best Price warehouse on Friday which is the Bharti & Wal-Mart joint venture here. It looks similar to a Sam's Club, but was not overly impressive to me. I still spent plenty of money though lol. I finally got the toaster oven I had been looking for and I found kiwi fruit there! it was expensive but worth it. The whole family loved it.

Then Saturday afternoon he took me to HyperCity so I could get dishes for the toaster oven and cook lots of good food in it. It's making me a little tired to do all this shopping but there was so much I needed that it was necessary. I got a bunch of food items I can cook and plenty to cook with since I have no idea how to use a pressure cooker and I have no intention of living off roti's and water. I'm happy. We even had food while we were out and that is kind of relaxing too. I enjoy spending time alone with hubby. I got some knee length pants so I can exercise and run around the house. It was a productive two days.

This morning I got the shock of my life. My weight has always been a overly touch subject for me and I made hubby move away where he couldn't see so I could weigh myself. The only thing that has ever helped me lose weight my whole life is Alli and it was only effective for about 40lbs. I needed to lose so much more than that. So I stepped on the scale, scared to look and that is when I got my shock. In my 5 weeks here I had lost 11 kg! That's 24 lbs! I know it's because of how much better I'm eating and the more readily available fruits and veggies they have been keeping in the house for me. Some of it was the sickness but I've never been happier in my life! I look forward to the next 11 kgs that come off and I'm so excited. The only problem is that now all my pants are too long because they are saggy in the waste...looks like more shopping in my future!


  1. Wow… good job on the weight loss!
    Do you think perhaps you had a blood clot in your leg? Long distance travel can sometimes cause them. How is your leg today?
    I was also sick for my wedding in India. I was fine for the first 2 weeks. Hubby got a head cold and I was certain I wasn't going to catch it. By the time men were at the house putting up flowers and the mandap, I was fully sick! The joy of coughing, paired with the smoke of the puja ceremony….such joy! LOL ugh!

  2. The poor circulation did go away but it took over a month. I did home treatment for it and didn't get checked out at the doctor. I know that was a bad idea but I hate doctors.