Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

These are resolutions I will actually follow lol...yes that's like cheating, but I'm certainly not going to set myself up to fail.

First off I'm going to let go of all of the anger I feel towards my family (again lol) for all the bs they put me through this year. I can't face this year with all this anger in my mind, and to be honest I'm tired of the headaches it's giving me.

I'm going to keep exercising. I've already started and it's becoming a habit so I'm going to push myself to keep it up.

I'm going to take better care of myself and my body. This has already been started as well but still need some tweaking. I think once I get to India it will be even easier as I will be getting all these chemically processed foods out of my diet and eating fruits and veggies will be even easier. I love them, but good quality ones are just not readily available here. All we have is rotten crap that has been frozen at Wal-Mart.

I'm going to be a beautiful bride. Been working on that already too lol. Been straightening out crooked eyelashes that haven't seen nearly enough mascara. Using lotion and creams to make my skin more radiant and youthful looking. I've been doing more nail maintenance to keep my nail beds from cracking and peeling. And again, been working on my diet which helps all over.

Thanks to India, I'm going to be even more of a greenie. I already try to recycle and conserve but this too will be even easier in India since there is no other way. I'm actually looking forward to it, not dreading it, so that is a good sign.

I'm going to write more articles than normal. This will be a real challenge. I normally write about one a day. I need to write at least 2 a day instead. I'm hoping to write many more because I have income requirements to meet, but I know how random I can be and sometimes I write 10-20 a day so on average for normal days, 2 is good lol.

I'm going to learn how to be more girly on a regular basis. I don't normally wear jewelry but it is the norm in the house I'm going to, so as soon as I can unpack it all, I'm going to wear my jewelry. Yay I think this will go well coz my man and his dad both seem to love to buy me stuff. That's so out of the ordinary for my life. So I will need to wear it all to show my appreciation.

I think that's enough for now. I can always add new resolutions in the future. This is good start, something I won't give up at. All things that will make my 2011 even more fabulous than I already feel it's going to be.

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  1. That's the spirit!
    I love all of your resolutions. :)