Sunday, January 9, 2011

Groomzilla is too cute lol....

So my hunny bunny is a nervous wreck over the wedding. The plans are in the works and he's got in major fights with his dad over the choice of temple and how many guests should be invited. They got in such a huge fight over the temple his dad told him to get out of the house and he argued back that the house didn't belong to his dad so he wasn't leaving. He tells me this is a huge deal in India. The house actually belongs to his dearly departed grandfather. Thanks to his mom, him and his dad made up though.

He's freaked out over the haldi cermonies and having women see his arms and legs. He's even more freaked out over the possibility his parents may have him paraded through the streets on a horse. He's a little concerned they are also serving meat curry at the reception because it goes with the alcohol they are ordering. Meat curry has lamb in it so this surprises even me - his family is Hindu!?

He's fussing over the quality of my skin on the big day and how I need extra lotion to be sure it's ready for the haldi ceremony and no one can say anything about my skin. He's fussing about how my hair curls and whether or not I should weir the dupatta over my head or not and how he wants my hair shining in the sun. My only real concern is whether or not someone as pale as me can handle the haldi lol...I'm scared I'm gonna be yellow yellow...not have a golden glow.

He really is so cute lol. It's amusing to see him fussing and carrying on over things that really don't matter. I wasn't trying to be ugly but I had to tell him that he really has no choice3, he's gonna have to do whatever his parents plan for him. That's what he told me a few months ago when I wanted to tell him what was important to me in the wedding. I think were even... ;)

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