Saturday, November 20, 2010

Renovations apparently renovations in India are a nightmare...even if you're not there. Me and Mera Pyar were talking about wanting to fix up our room and he said something to his mother who said something to his father who then just started doing what he wanted in the room. The whole process has been unreal to an American who fully understands contracts lol. Mera Pyar and his dad couldn't agree, his dad want's to save money and Mera Pyar only wants everything name brand. I barely had any say in any of it but thankfully got what I needed. Of course, with the stress running so high Mera Pyar and I argued quite a bit over stupid stuff too lol.

Now it's all done thankfully. I have a brand new bed waiting for me, a wall to wall and floor to ceiling cupboard that is to die for. A designer focal wall and matching surrounding walls and a matching wall cabinet with shelves. Some other things were redone as well and we got a floral motif on the ceiling with a new ceiling fan. I'm just shocked how long it took to accomplish this and how much trouble it seemed to be. In addition to me not getting much input and Mera Pyar barely getting any, even his dad who controlled it all got outdone by the workers who inevitably did things their way anyway. I know one thing for sure, I never want to deal with Indian contractors in India lol.

It did turn out beautiful. I'm so excited! I've never seen a bed like the one that we had built and the cupboard is amazing! It even has a mirror in the middle for my avid hair fixing man. (You just can't let that boy see a mirror lol.) I'm not totally crazy about the paint, but I've only seen pics and those are not so good for judgment purposes and the room is still yet unfinished. I get the best part, the decorating! I've already got some things picked up for it. I'm really excited. It will be a true 5 star room once everything is done and the best part is that I get to include my favorite color!!!

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