Monday, October 18, 2010

Closing another Chapter

The last few weeks have been busy, depressing, and exciting all at the same time. I have been sleeping on the floor at a friends house. She's great, her husband on the other hand has some serious issues. This is the same friend I mentioned in my blog on Sept. 24. Her husband is Lucifarian, as in he worships satan. He tried to bully me, and he was even shitty to her for no reason. They had a big fight one night while I was there where he blamed her for making him cheat and blamed her for him not being able to get a job. I guess him not having gone past the 4th grade in school was probably her fault too even though she didn't know him. Anyway, I'm now thankfully out of there.

None of the things that happened seemed to phase my father. I found out today that my step-dad called him and asked him why I couldn't stay at his house and my dad's response was that he had just gotten his house the way he wanted it and he didn't want anyone there right now. Surprisingly I didn't even tear up and I had expected I would be balling my eyes at out that confirmed rejection. Right now I'm just sort of pissed off about it. I told my step dad not to contact my dad about it because they don't exactly get along. Now he's done it. And I'm a little surprised because usually my dad doesn't want anyone to know what kind of asshole he really is, but this time he let them know, and then he bragged about it to other family members. I guess he's trying to make sure I know that I'm not wanted. Well, I have the message loud and clear now.

I really don't know what is wrong with my dad but he's like this with everyone. He ousted my brother years ago, now he's even acting in a similar fashion with my nieces. It's as if he has his friends and he doesn't want to be bothered with family. It's his loss. Someday he will want us and he will have pushed us so far away we may not even go to his funeral. I seriously doubt I will go out of my way to be there.

Anyway, enough about that drama. Though I had a hard time dealing with my circumstances at my friends house, I think overall things are going fairly well. I received my visa in the mail last week and I purchased my plane ticket to go. My soon to be FIL got upset that I wasn't coming sooner. The poor man is stressing worse than my fiance, it's cute but I really wish he wouldn't. I can't come earlier for many reasons. I think the biggest one in his life right now would be the fact that I have nowhere to sleep there lol. He just tore apart my fiance's room to rewire things and today they are starting to build the new bed and other furniture for our room. That is supposed to take about a month to complete, then they have to paint. Not to mention wedding preparations cannot be made overnight.

The whole house is abuzz with preparations for my arrival. It's quite exciting! They are just starting to tell other family and friends now that they have a date of arrival. My fiance is finally starting to get serious, well as serious as he can get lol. Sometimes I don't think he knows what serious really is because he definitely tries to avoid it. He doesn't want his life to be complicated and difficult. I find that mildly amusing because he couldn't have chosen a more difficult person to be marrying.

Since I'm staying with friends it will be difficult to update regularly for a while but I will come and go as I can to keep you all posted.

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