Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Iced over and sugar sweet....Hindu studies week 4

So I've taken my chill pill apparently. Mera Pyar can be kind of stubborn and so can I but we finally talked this one out. I hate stress and what it does to relationships. Nevertheless we have finally settled yet another emotional mess. I know I'm the one in the relationship with all the emotional outburts and he knows he's the immature one. Knowing does not help us solve the problems lol. Talking does. All is well and good in the relationship as of yesterday. We both just needed to reevaluate the silliness that was coming out of our mouths and we both wound up apologizing when we realized we weren't even arguing about the same thing lol....figures. Anyway.

This morning I'm reveling in how much I've gotten done so far towards this upcoming move. I have read 3 books on Hinduism and started the fourth. I have also picked up some fiction just to get an idea (I know it's not the same) of what life is like for an Indian wife. The book has already opened my eyes with that WOW expression more than a few times and I've gotten a few odd stares from coworkers from the random chuckle it has gotten out of me as well. I am reading "Desireable Daughters" by Bharati Mukherjee. OMG...a 5 year old tree bride is enough to get a mesmerizing WOW out of anyone!

The more I study Hinduism the more I know that this has been where I belonged all along. I don't yet understand the worship of the dieties or much about any of the deities however the lifestyle and the way Hinduism teaches to live your life is definitely on point for how I have always felt I should live. It still amazes me that being raised in a strict Holiness Christian home could lead me to where I am. My family that swears by that religion doesn't even live by the principles they uphold and they only base their faith on how big they are at church. But I learned. I learned well. I will forever be thankful that my Nanny taught me how to live like a traditionally valued woman.

In Hinduism it is recommended that women take up some form of art or craft and learn how to do it well among other things. My Nanny taught me how to embroider. My mom taught me how to sew. I taught myself how to crochet. I also taught myself how to sing. These are all things that are recommended for a good Hindu woman according to my reading. My latest book on Hinduism was published in 1905 and I chose it for a reason. Too many things are getting changed and corrupted in our society so I wanted to see how Hindiusm was viewed 100 years ago. The book is mesmerizing. And for those of you who think Hinduism is all wrong, just look at what was written in 1905 by Baij Nath and compare it to what Christians are taught now.

Take my life and let it be
Humbly offered, All, to Thee.
Take my hands and let them be
Working, serving Thee, yea! Thee.
Take my heart and let it be
Full Saturated, Lord, with Thee.
Take my eyes and let them be
Intoxicated, God, with Thee
Take this mind and let it be
All day long a shrine for Thee.

That is exactly how Christians are taught to live! All for God, pure in thoughts, always doing God's work. Hinduism was here first and telling people to live that way but Christians don't do it. Or at least not the majority of them. On the surface Christianity does a lot for the world and they help people, but from my experience they only do so when there is a gain to themselves or the church. If they don't see any visible gain they won't help. If you are already a Christian and a church member they are much more inclined to turn you down in your time of need or point you to some other source of help instead of themselves. There is little general concern or compassion for human life, only the challenge to increase their numbers.

Okay...enough ranting and raving on that one. I'm going

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