Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm about to have a breakdown. I hadn't told my dad that I was going to be moving to India. My dad is an ass and has been horrible my whole life. Well, I still added him to my facebook a while back because I still love him, ass or not. Well last night I posted a message to all my family about sharing some videos on YouTube and my dad came back fussing about how he didn't agree with me "going" to India and how he felt it was wrong and that he wanted me to think more about it first. (Bitch Fit coming...)

First off, he doesn't even give a rats ass if I'm dying or not. He lives 10 minutes from me and has not set foot in my house since he helped me move into in back in February and even then he sat most of the boxes on the porch. He has no problem driving 4 hours one way at least once every month to see his ex-wifes best friends girl and take her out to lunch because she's having a rough time. WTF. In June I had no food in the house and I will be homeless in a few days and he's made every effort to ensure I know I can't come stay with him (where he lives alone in a 4 bedroom house). And now he's got the audacity to tell me I shouldn't go to India. He has no grounds or cause to say shit to me. FUCK HIM.

Well soon after he replied another family member jumped on his bandwagon about me moving. I still have not said I was moving to any of them. So now since I wanted to share some of last years videos on YouTube I'm getting slammed and I never even told any of them I was going to move to India. I didn't tell them because they are not even involved in my life outside of facebook. And they are airing it all in front of every family member I have on there. I'm too damn old for them to step in and try to raise me now. None of them fuckers wanted me when I was growing up and I have spend the last 17 years of my life toughing things out on my own because they couldn't bear to part with photo club money or take a less elaborate vacation. How dare they try to step up and act like they care now.

I know better. They don't really care. If they cared I would at least get a forwarded email once in a while but I don't even get the jokes and bs that everyone passes around from them. I don't get Farmville requests, I don't get comments on my status or photos from them. I get nothing. Not a call, not a visit. Most of them don't even know what last name is on my drivers license. Out of 21, only 2 know that. Thank God I'm leaving. Fucking racist bastards. If only I was a drama queen...oh the things that would get posted on my facebook right now!


  1. oh my gosh :/ My extended (pentecostal christian) family is the SAME way. They're right there to judge but no where in sight to share any happy times or include me in anything. Who do they think they are? At this stage in the game.

    I'm just now catching up on your entire blog and am thoroughly enjoying reading every detail. I wish you so much love, security and a deep peace in happiness.

  2. Thanks again dest. It's always good to know we are not alone.