Friday, October 2, 2009

Absolute Beauty

I don't know of any better way to describe it. The feeling of being a part of a family on the other side of the world who loves you, even though they barely know you. I have been reflecting on this lately. I only had the satisfaction of being physically present with Mera Pyar's family for 10 days. The first 3 days I was there one of his uncles refused to talk to me because they were not happy about some things. One of his uncles and aunt were apprehensive about meeting me. Another aunt thought that love marriages were just not right and didn't really believe someone would fly half way around the world just to meet and Indian lol. Talk about old school, she is old school.

They all amazed me though. Mrs. Old School took to me right away. She got a little upset when she found out we were staying in a hotel room together without adult supervision but she was still sweet to me and got really excited and talked to me a LOT. The uncle and aunt that were apprehensive were easily won over when I gave everyone the traditional gift (semi-Americanized) at our Roka. I gave them 101 INR with some chocolates from America in treat bag. The uncle that didn't want to meet me and wouldn't let his family meet me at first by day 3 could no longer resist. He wanted to meet me then.

That was the best. After we met (he spoke English) he wanted to take me all over the place and show me India. He wanted to share things with me, sit with me, talk with me, question me. He always had a smile on his face. I won't ever forget him. He reminded me of the dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" only instead of windex he swore Haldi (Turmeric) was the cure for everything. It was also the reason that Indian skin is so brown and many other things. I had the best time talking to him.

Today Mera Pyar's family held an event and all the family was there for it. Mera Pyar sent me a video and it made me realize how much I missed my new family. I got so sentimental remembering sitting on that bed with the family and seeing all of their faces. I realized just how much of an attachment I had developed for them all in that short 10 days.

Also, I finally found a good baya for my saas! Woopy! I sent her a beautiful thali with all the necessities of karva chauth and some gifts. The whole family loved it and was very impressed at how I found something like that and they had a blast with it. They picked on his mom about how she was starting to get the royal treatment from her nue and all that. Mera Pyar got picked on because his fiancee was the center of attention and wasn't even there - which he was totally eating up lol. He said they were up talking about me for 4 hours straight lol. The truth is, they mean a lot to me already and I want to continue being a part of the family by celebrating holidays. It's just my nature to go all out and spend extra time picking the best gifts. That's how I roll lol. I love it. I'm so excited.

Karva Chauth is only 6 days away now and I think I'm actually ready. I've been working on my diet to prepare for the fast and I've got the perfect plan. Now let's just hope it plays out perfectly lol. I'll keep you posted...I have to work that day, it should be interesting!

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