Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Broken Arguments and an end in sight

This is like my last post, funny...but not funny. I got a new schedule at work and in trying to work around it and still find time to communicate the tensions have been a little high. I must admit, it's my fault. I get stressed out when I can't find time to be with my honey. It just seems like there is never enough time to spend with him and I constantly crave more. So I get a little frustrated by simple things that shouldn't even matter. Since my time is limited sometimes we only get to talk for 10 minutes then have to continue our heated discussion later. I get so freaking emotional.

Like many couples who date internationally, Mera Pyar and I decided to take our relationship to the next level. We are currently in the midst of the visa process. I filed for a K-1 visa on his behalf. We are about half the way through it. So far, things are looking ok. I'm nervous though because each day without a definite yes is like another tormenting day of not knowing for sure when I can be with him again. Then all this craziness will stop. It's hard to carry on a conversation with someone and not be able to see their face to know if they are joking, emotional, stressed, hurting or whatever they may be feeling. I can't wait to feel safe and at peace in his arms again.


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  2. Does the K-1 visa time frame vary or is there a set time frame, like 3-6 months for example?

  3. They vary. The best way to know the current processing times is by checking this link.