Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Romance

By June we were exchanging pictures and videos of ourselves with each other. Mera Pyar liked for me to sing to him so I started recording my voice as well and emailing him those files. Mera Pyar started teaching me more about Punjabi culture and I kept learning Punjabi. I found it kind of exciting and not that difficult to learn.

By July we were inseparable. I hated spending time during the day without him and when we weren’t talking my life didn’t seem as lively. We talked about everything over the phone and over yahoo. We were spending anywhere from six to twelve hours a day on the phone almost every day. It just depended on how much each of us had to do that day. I found that when I wasn’t with him, I was thinking of him almost constantly. I started structuring my school projects around learning more about India and later based some of them on our relationship. The weekend of July first was the first time Mera Pyar had told me he loved me in English. I did not say it in return at that time, I was nervous. A few days later I received a package from Mera Pyar containing a birthday card and a ring.

By mid July we were having lots of laughs about his mom. I tried to tell him that his mom knew something was going on and he told me he didn’t want her to know and he was going to hide it from her. I didn’t understand it completely, but I let it go. His mom was standing outside of his door trying to listen to what he was saying, but she didn’t know English. After talking about it, he decided to go ahead and tell his parents about me. He wasn’t sure how they would react to him having an American girlfriend. He finally told them in mid August after receiving the package I sent him for his birthday. His parents were excited and happy for him.

We started talking even more on the phone. Thankfully by this time I had found Jaxtr so the calls only cost me 6 cents a minute and he could use the program too and the free jax (Jaxtr currency) to call me some too. Mera Pyar found ways to call me including programs offering free minutes and some friends gave him account money to use to talk to me also, though they didn’t know who he was calling. Sometimes he called me straight through from his cell phone. In September we started talking seriously about me coming to India to meet Mera Pyar. The trip was my idea as I have always wanted to travel.

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