Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preparing For the Next Level

As Mera Pyar started talking to his parents, they asked more questions about me. By October his mom would get worried if we didn’t talk every day, and she was asking about me every day. He was showing his family my pictures and we were exchanging more videos and voice files. Mera Pyar bought me a very nice jewelry set. His dad told him that the one he picked wasn’t good enough and his dad went to a jeweler and got two more and told Mera Pyar to get me to pick which one I liked best so they could send it to me. About two weeks later it came in the mail and it was more beautiful than the pictures he sent me had looked. Enclosed with the jewelry was also a card written in Hindi.

In October I started finding ways to make more money to save for my trip to India. I started pricing all the aspects of being able to go on the trip and getting details of traveling abroad. I registered with a temp agency to pick up some work. I also started secret shopping and writing articles for money online. The money started adding up pretty quick. The trip to India was fast becoming a reality.

I picked up one temp job in November and during my second week there I got two better job offers for permanent employment not through the temp agency. I started one just before Thanksgiving which was only a part time job. I started the second job in early December providing customer service. I also renewed my passport for the trip in December.

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  1. HI! Its Marisa from facebook :). I am very much interested in saving up money for my trip to India. How did you come buy the secret shopping job?