Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting there is half the battle

I can honestly say I now truly know what it feels like to be a minority. I have never been racist in any way however I do feel like people can't understand things until they experience them most of the time. I never really thought of finding out what it feels like to be a minority, thoughts like that just don't cross my mind lol. Even while making preparations to go to India I didn't think about that. My fiancee had assured me there were people from all nations in his city. However when I got on the plane I realized right away I was the only white person on there lol. I found it quite exciting. Here I was about to embark upon the first flight of my life and I was already being immersed in so much culture. I was already quickly learning about Indians lol.

First, I want to address a rumor I had heard. I had heard that Indians typically pack tons of stuff when they travel to India. I really didn't care, however now that I'm on the plane I see how right that rumor was lol. OMG. The weight limit for Air India is 70KG and let me tell you, they use every bit of it they can. My flight ended up leaving 90 minutes late because we couldn't get everyone's luggage situated and get them all in their seats. Stewardesses (in sarees!) were working diligently to rearrange the overhead compartments so that they could make everything fit. It was a sight to see. I took the time to engage myself in some fascinating conversation with the lady in the seat next to me, Usha.

After we finally got off the ground and stable in the air they made the announcement, first in Hindi then in English that we could unfasten our seat belts. That is when people began to notice me more. I had a few stare directly at me which made me turn my head, I was a little uncomfortable with men staring at me - no matter what their race. Most of them were looking at me like they had no idea why I was there lol.

When we finally got to Delhi I was a little scared. When I got off the plane I had to wait for all those Indians to figure out where the stewardess had moved all their luggage lol. Then after entering the airport, it was as if I suddenly realized at that moment I was in a foreign country and I still had to get the ticket for my next flight from the ticket counter. I had no idea where that was and I prayed whoever I spoke to in that airport would speak good English. They didn't. Ugh. They took my boarding pass and then called people up by name to get their tickets. They didn't call me, I asked about my ticket, they had no idea. I really started to worry. I needed to call Mera Pyar and so I went and I damn near cried on the phone thinking I could very well be stranded in Delhi. After 20 more minutes of trying I finally got my ticket.

After my short connecting flight finally left (late might I add), I really started to feel the butterflies. I was too nervous to rush off the plane anyway. I found myself sick to the stomach I was so nervous. Usha wished me well and we eventually exited the plane. I wound up last in line waiting for customs and the longer I had to stand there the more nervous I got. I snuck a peak over to the waiting room to see if I could see Mera Pyar and I panicked! All I could see was dark hair and tons of people. I was really starting to freak out a little. It was just now hitting me that I was in a foreign country and what if Mera Pyar chickened out and didn't show up. Thankfully the nice family in line in front of me started talking to me. I felt so much better then.

They asked me about why I was there and when I told them they got really excited. They started asking me about how I met Mera Pyar and details about us. We also talked about their kids and how they handled the flight. I enjoyed the conversation, though I still snuck an occasional peek at the crowd in the waiting room looking for Mera Pyar. I spotted him once and we waived at each other and I panicked then too. It's really scary to think what someone is going to think about you when you first meet. Every bad thought I ever had about myself was weighing so heavy on my mind at that point. I was terrified he wouldn't like me so I tried not to look over there too much.

After customs I went to get my luggage. All the people from the plane were standing there waiting for all their bags. Most of them had carts. It was then I was thankful that I had packed my rolling luggage. I could just roll out the door with no cart. I snuck a few glances over at Mera Pyar and by this point I was smiling and scared out of my mind all at the same time. I had forgotten all my concerns about being in a foreign country, I was too consumed with fear he wouldn't like me anymore. Damn girl genes causing all that insecurity lol. Finally I got all my luggage and made my way towards the exit.

When Mera Pyar realized I was done he ran to the exit to meet me outside of the airport. We had a classic Hindi movie meeting. We ran to each other, grabbed each other and hugged like the whole world around us had disappeared. Everyone was staring. That meeting was so emotional, I wanted it to last forever. Mera Pyar got a little nervous about it though and told me to come on, let's go. And that we did, right to meet his parents who were waiting outside of the crowd. His mom hugged me even longer than he did and after we let go the first time, she hugged me again. That was a very emotional hug too. I had never received such a warm reception from anyone in my whole life. His dad was so excited he ran off to get the car so we could drive to the hotel. It was an amazing meeting.


  1. WOW! What a wonderful first greeting! I just found your blog today (you just began following my blog so I looked for yours) I started reading right from the first post but decided to make my first comment on this post. You and I are lucky. Many girls in desi-link do not have such positive experiences with our SO's family accepting us. How cute is that, his Mom was so happy to meet you! I also thought it was cute that his Dad wasn't happy with the jewelry set that Rohit wanted to send….and that he went and picked out more to send! Looking forward to reading more! Now I'll have something to do today! Welcome to desi-links!

  2. Thank you! It is wonderful his family is so good to me and accepting of me. I know it's not often things like that to happen. I'm very thankful for the family I've married into.

  3. :) such a nice post... I remember the hug ami (my husbands mother) gave me when we arrived in Pakistan in April... she was crying, although I dont know whether it was because of me or from not seeing her son in just over 2 years.. either way Im happy :D

  4. Glad you liked it. It was a very warm and friendly moment.