Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beginnings of a New Love

In April we were both involved in a verbal altercation with another yahoo member. She had tried to tell me he was a seventeen year old kid and I told her I knew better and he got upset when he found out about it. I decided then it was the right thing to do to tell him that I already knew who he really was and his real age and many more things about him. So I emailed him all the information I had found about him.

To my surprise he was talking to me the next day as if he didn’t know anything about it. So I kept talking to him. After about a week I realized he hadn’t paid any attention to the email and so I thought maybe I needed to find another way to let him know that I knew. By this time I knew I was developing feelings for him and I wanted us to reach the next level of our relationship by being completely open and honest with each other on these issues. So I did some research on Punjab and India in general and decided to start posting things on my MySpace in Punjabi. I knew he would see them, and so then all I had to do was wait for him to say something. After the second or third time I posted something, he asked me about it. Specifically he asked me what it meant and I replied.

Within a week from that time I had him speaking Punjabi with me over instant message. At first he was telling me he was looking it up or asking a friend. But by the end of that week he had stopped telling me that. Twice the next week he indicated to me he was Punjabi and I just told him I knew and we kept chatting. It was during this time that he first told me he loved me in Punjabi and challenged me to find out what it meant. The exact phrase he used was “mai tenu bda piyar karn lag piya ha yaar” which is translated “I am loving you so much friend.“

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