Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How I Met My Krishna

I first met Mera Pyar on yahoo. We only chatted for the first few days but then he invited me to play yahoo pool and I agreed. We had a lot of laughs and jokingly competed with some light-hearted competitional challenges. By the end of the first week we were playing pool almost every day and he won about ninety percent of the time. We talked a lot about ourselves and our families. By the end of the second week we were talking once or twice a day over yahoo for four to six hours each time. The conversations seemed to go so fast, it never felt like we were spending hours online even though we were. By this time too some strange things were happening. I have always been a very hard sleeper but I found myself waking up at all hours of the night, usually just seconds before I received an instant message from him. We would both say or type the same things at the same time. I felt a strange sense of comfort when I was talking to him that I had never felt before. I found all of this a little strange and I wanted to know more.

Up until this point Mera Pyar and I had never used our real names while talking, only our yahoo names. I decided that I should do a little investigating to see what more I could find out about this person. I started by simply searching a few search engines for his email address. I found some message board postings he had left and that was about it. Then in March he came in the room under a different yahoo ID and I thought it might be him and so I went to that yahoo profile and indeed that profile had the same picture as his original name. That profile also had a second email address attached to it and so I did some investigating on that email address. With that one I found a job application with his full name, fathers name, home address and home phone number as well as some other information. I was able to determine without a doubt it was him. This job application indicated what his name was and he lived in India.

I did not discuss my findings with Mera Pyar at first because I didn’t want him to be upset with me. I wasn’t sure how he would react to finding out I had gotten so much information on him and I truly enjoyed our friendship. I did however send him an email telling him how I felt about him and our friendship and how much it meant to me. I told him how much I loved chatting with him and the impression his personality had made on my heart. Shortly after that email I told Mera Pyar I loved him for the first time while saying goodbye. We both got quiet for a short while and finished ending our conversation. I did not tell him I loved him again until almost six months later.


  1. I know this is such an old post, but my gf and I wanted to know more about you, so we read through your posts. She is Irish and I am Indian and we met on Yahoo answers too. We haven't met up as yet, but plan to do that soon and we also have a lot of feelings for each other.
    Was very nice to know that there are others like us, wish you the best.

  2. There are tons of us! It seems to be a lot more common than even I realized. This blog has helped me find well over 300 other couples and about 1/3rd of those (my estimate) met online. A few have never met in person either. Some took years to meet in person. It's definitely more real when you meet someone online than people realize. I hope things go well for you when you do meet and that your relationship grows stronger through the challenges that being so far apart can bring. I know it made us stronger.