Thursday, January 21, 2016

Seeking Direction

Work has encouraged me that I have a lot of good ideas. At work I've been able to implement quite a few of my ideas at work and I feel like things there are going well.

In my home life I also feel like I've been able to implement quite a few of my ideas and I think they're working. Of course I'm biased and I also know what I planned for those things to do so who knows if I'm right or manifesting the reality of what I want them to be. I'm happy with it though and I suppose that's all that matters.

However, all of these ideas become a jumbled mess in my head. Sometimes they overwhelm me. In addition to having all of these ideas, I also think very deeply. So I tend to overthink a lot of the ideas and whether or not they will work. I think of various scenario's of ways they could work out and often times that discourages me.

Additionally these ideas tend to overwhelm me. I often have so many ideas I don't know where to begin. Either that or I begin more than one idea and I wind up amassing more than I can take on. One main area this happens in is books and research. I'm a massive fan of old books and documentaries and accounts of life from long ago. So it really only takes one book or documentary to spawn 10 more ideas of things I want to learn about.

This wouldn't be an issue if wasn't trying to down-size my life. My local library doesn't have all these things and I find it less than satisfying to read on my tablet/e-reader. I can't go around buying hundreds of books on all these topics - and believe me, I would! I want to learn about so much right now. I've downloaded every podcast I can find and video I can accumulate. I've subscribed to many websites and Facebook pages. Thus again, I've let all these ideas overwhelm me to the point I don't know where to begin so I do nothing. Lol. It's a curse.

How about you? Do you have trouble narrowing down your hobby to do list?