Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Indians are Cheap and Stingy

I love stereotypes. They're so often fun to pick apart. I've been watching Russell Peters again lately and his skits on Indians being cheap crack me up - even though in my life they're not true at all. Here's the specific skit I'm referring to in case you haven't seen it.

In my relationship this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, my husband quite often asks me where I got the habit to be so cheap LOL. No, I'm not offended. I don't spend money on anything unless I have to, and if I can find something cheaper somewhere else I won't pay the higher price for it - not even for convenience.

So recently I took my husband out to a local street festival where they have tons of vendor's set up and they have all kinds of information on their services....and many of them give out freebies! So yep, I drug hubby along and promptly picked up and collected free pens, plastic cups, t-shirts, etc. I got one of those looks from him again and he asked me where I got this habit to be so cheap hahahaha.

Hubby on the other hand was never taught to look for a sale, discount or cheaper price. He simply walks into a store, picks up whatever he likes and pays for it. He always happily boasted he didn't care about the price. I can't handle it! OMG.

His mother giggles every time we have this discussion. I won't let him go out and waste money. I'm anything but careless when it comes to money. I know where to go to find things at lower prices and I just can't settle for over-priced merchandise. No, I don't spend all my time buying used merchandise or going to yard sales. I only buy brand new items and I get them at much lower prices - without there being anything wrong with them.

For things that can't be obtained cheaper, like fine dining, then I know where to go so that I can be satisfied with my purchase. I won't pay $15 for a meal if I know it's not going to be worth that much money. I will pay $16 for a meal I know is going to taste good and be of good quality. There are things out there other than meals that I feel the same way about but you get the point.

FIL and MIL are similar to me. They won't pay more for something than they think it is worth. However, if something is worth it, they don't think about the price. MIL wanted me to wear gold earrings and it was important to her so she went out of her way to have a pair custom made for me that she knew I would never take off. She was right too. I haven't taken them out of my ears since the day she gave them to me.

I've managed to teach hubby a few tricks since he's arrived on American soil. I didn't have this opportunity in India because I didn't know the stores as well. Even with bargaining, the shopping experience was not the same and I am far from being an expert on the Indian shopping scene. But in the U.S., I have shopping down to a science. I can go into a brand name store (like Tommy Hilfiger or Liz Claiborne) and walk out with an outfit for less than $30, most of the time less than $20.

Hubby took to this concept really well when he realized that he could buy more if he spent less on each piece. He's a huge quantity fan. He likes to have 30-40 of each piece of clothing if not more. He had 47 shirts in India and over 20 coats/jackets. Here he's managed to amass about 200 pieces of clothing, maybe more. I don't even count anymore, I just shove them off of my half of the closet when they start to creep over.

Anyway, I think I'm getting a bit side-tracked. My main point is this is yet another stereotype that I feel is a bit over-stated. I've yet to meet an Indian who is as cheap and stingy as I can be. No, I don't have any shame in saying that lol.