Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Privilege of Being White

***TRIGGER WARNING*** This post is very likely to offend A LOT of people. And it's a LONG post. Don't read on if you can't handle that. There is some sarcasm as the post goes on. Keep that in mind. 

Thank God I don't have to be exposed to the white privilege brainwashing posts anymore but there are still times I can't help but think about the ones I have seen and how ridiculous the concept is that because someone's skin is white they must therefore be invisibly privileged (implying every single white-skinned person is). It's such a small-minded concept that is just burns me up to hear about it. Why you ask?

The concept of white privilege is that all white-skinned people, of any and every race on the planet, carry around unseen privileges with them solely granted to them because of their skin color. They supposedly get special treatment that no one of any other skin color could ever possibly get and somehow white-skinned people are just treated like Gods. The underlying pretext is that anyone non white-skinned is somehow beneath the white-skinned people.

That is why it pisses me of. It's so blatantly racist! I can't help but feel like somehow the KKK has to be behind this political agenda. That's the only people I can think of who could be so absurd and one-track-minded to assert such a concept. I'm sure that offends some people and I know there are others who will say I don't understand the whole concept but I've read that trash. I understand a lot better than you think and I didn't grow up in an all-white setting so I don't have the same view as someone who would have.

I didn't grow up in a all-white neighborhood, an all-white school, an all white family, nor did I grow up in a wealthy white neighborhood. I'm sure those who did will have a different viewpoint than I do and you should. Regardless of your background, hear me out. I'm about to explain to you the privilege of being white and I'm dead sure it's things you won't hear about in any of the propaganda you've been reading. Other countries and cultures and skin colors KNOW these things about us, so why in the hell would you think white skin is superior in their eyes if they know these things?

Broken families & Dysfunctional Households

Our divorce rates speak for themselves. This isn't just an American thing but it is worse the home of the white privilege political space.

We dump our family members into homes - because we can't afford to stay home and care for them. If we try, we suffer and have to go without things that we need. Many of us don't even want to be bothered with our families when they're old and sick.

What's worse, when they're in these homes - or even just at their home - and old, we don't make the time to go visit them. Many people openly feel stress and verbally express their dismay at having to go visit.

Our children rarely appreciate their elders. They seem to dislike going to visit the most; an attitude translated to them by their parents.

Our children can't wait to move out when they turn 18. Some move sooner. They don't respect the value of being at home and have felt social pressures most of their lives to grow up, get a job, move out. They struggle and suffer and the stress is ruling their lives.

Those that move out and go to college then often start engaging in self-destructive behaviors; mostly in defiance of their parents whom they know will likely never find out. Now, that of course happens everywhere BUT, in America the lack of closeness between families means the family usually doesn't find out until it's too late and the child has ruined their life, killed themselves, or something equally as disturbing.

Most couples both have to work to keep up with life around them. Some want to work, but the majority are forced to work just to keep the rent paid and groceries in the fridge. Even middle class families don't feel comfortable with the amount of money they make given the expenses and the cost of living in America. People commit suicide because the social pressures are too much.

Suicide in itself is a predominantly white issue. More white-skinned people commit suicide than any other race. I guess the privilege of having white-skin just can't be handled by everyone. *that's meant to be fuck white privilege sarcasm btw*

Social Perception
If you are white-skinned, the general perception is that you are racist. End of discussion. Until you can prove that wrong, you have been judged to be racist. Everything you say and do will be put under a microscope and no matter how innocent, it will be deemed to be racist or you'll be dismissed because you can't help it since you're so racist. There's no innocent until proven guilty in this realm. You must work every single day of your life to prove you're not racist only to be a loser in the end. Heaven forbid you call a person of another skin color for being racist, that could literally end your life socially forever. You're going to spend the rest of your life dancing and dodging any and every word or action that someone could perceive as racist.

Rich white men have been fucking up your life for millenium without you even being born yet, but you're going to pay for it and suffer for it for the rest of your life. Not to mention the rich men of other colors who also contributed to it but bear no historic burden for the blame. You had the misfortune of being born white which makes you a target for sins of men who really only cared about money and nothing about skin-color. They were thinking in terms of $$$$$$$ but no one wants to acknowledge that because it doesn't make money for the propagandist now.

We aren't allowed to like people of another skin color because we're accused of exoticising the race. We are chastised and reprimanded for being interested in colorful pretty things in other cultures and accused of appropriation...which is a nice word for theft btw...simply because we appreciated the beauty of something and wanted to be involved.

If you don't like another culture or cultural aspect - you racist bastard - you had best pretend you do because otherwise you'll be ostracized by everyone and they'll turn on you because you're a horrible person. Suck it up buttercup, it's better to be accused of appropriation than being proved a racist simply because you have an opinion. Bonus points if you appropriate another white-skinned race because no one will notice and then you won't have to align yourself to either side of the debate.

You are not allowed to have pride in white people. *Hence why you'll never hear terms like 'strong white woman.'* That's again proving how racist you are. How dare you have the audacity to prefer the white presidential candidate, you couldn't possibly have picked him based on his political background. You only want him because he's white, just admit it. You also shouldn't favor any actors or actresses that are white based on their talent; nor should you find any respect for white-skinned scientists who find the cure for diseases. If you do, you may as well enlist in the KKK right now; they've been looking for people who like you. (Oops.. that reminds me, you don't have to be white to be in the KKK anymore.)

I could go on and on however, I'm sure you get the point. White-skinned people have issues JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER RACE. Yep, in predominantly white-skinned countries it's more likely you'll be treated like the majority. If you have white skin you won't be out of the ordinary and people will naturally be more comfortable with you. But go to a non-white country and yes, you'll get exoticised too - of course you should go so you can see what it feels like since you've lived such a sheltered life.