Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Gift to Myself

I made a promise to myself back in January for what I wanted 2014 to hold for me. In looking back at those now I think I've come a long way towards meeting those goals. Second on my list back then was to get my health back on track. I'm well on my way to that! I've gotten almost settled on a new medicine. I've been able to get more exercise and at last count I had lost 9 lbs (4 kilos). I'm feeling better, sleeping better, etc. As part of that goal I spent a good amount of time preparing a somber place just for me.

This room is far from fancy or extravagant....which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted something calm, clear and almost empty. The colors are cheerful and bright and tied together with my hand painted art on the wall. I put my crafty skills to work and painted these myself.

Ganesh Om Yoga Art

This room has everything I need to feel at peace. Plenty of light comes in, yet it's not so bright as to hurt my sensitive eyes. I can face my Om art or turn my back to it. I can sit with the sun in my face or to my back.

As simple as this room is, it took me some time to get this room ready. I first went through and scrubbed all the baseboards, the crevices in the window, etc. Not only did I want the room to be simple, I needed it to be sanitized since my immune system is naturally weak.

Even if I don't do anything but go in there and lay on the floor and feel myself breathe it's truly wonderful. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this for myself. Of course, other people are free to use the room, but I have a distinct claim on it.

I had also resolved to find a new job. I did that as well. Since I took the new job my stress level has dropped substantially. People even tell me they can see it.

In further working on my health, I'm also simplifying my life in other ways as well. I'm slowly phasing out things in my life that I don't need or that don't make me happy. I've gotten rid of a considerable amount of material possessions. They cloud my life and my way of thinking. They're just objects and they get in the way.

Overall I would say things are headed in the right direction for my life.